Finally, our new website is up! The interesting thing: through this website we are able to reach 2,5 billion people – more people than through any other channel. In theory; because that’s the number of Internet users worldwide. Numbers rising.

In practice, we are satisfied with reaching the growing number of users who are interested in innovation. At the beginning of this website project we believed in immediate implementation – as usual. In the end, it took eight months. Innovation management tends to be a specialist field, so we faced the challenge of transporting the message that we work for and with people. After all, the source of all innovation is the ingenuity and creativity of individuals. The process of figuring out how to deal with that, took some time, but our Web designer Fritz Masopust navigated us through the jungle of possibilities with a lot of know-how and taste.

We had certain expectations at the beginning, and some cool pages on our minds that inspired us, but there were many questions to work through: How to create a structure that explains what we do at first glance? Images that underline the written text? Thought-through graphics that communicate complex content? Interactive pop-ups, modern design, aesthetic colours, high usability? And by the way: The texts still need to be written!

Now we’re ready: the jigsaw puzzle is complete. We changed the design and adapted it to make it user-friendly (scrolling down, instead of pop-up windows). Even though we learned that the site has to be compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, we realized that sometimes less is more. Not everything that can be said is relevant for the first overview.

For the first time, we are able to demonstrate how we innovate, what and which services we offer in the field of Open Innovation. Providing an overview, but at the same time communicating the spirit of innovation, was our core intention. We are looking forward to your feedback and questions!