Lecture at the „Alpbach Technology Talks“

Author: Elisabeth Gumpenberger

Open Innovation is not a nine-day wonder, but of growing importance globally – especially in this fast-paced, interconnected world that we live in. This was the conclusion of the working group on „the potential of ICT tools in Open Innovation processes“ at the Alpbach Technology talks on 23rd August 2013. The topic was „The Future of Innovation: Requirements – Experiences – Values“ and experts and users debated intensively the various applications and usages of Open Innovation. winnovation-founder Gertraud Leimüller, who was invited to hold a lecture at the annual thinktank meeting in the Alps, emphasized the relevance of Analogous Market Effects when it comes to developing drastic solutions for our society and economy.

All in all, the participants agreed that applying modern information and communication technology significantly increases opportunities for companies to position themselves on the market through innovation, primarily because these technologies enable easier access to external knowledge.

The working group was well attended, which speaks for the attractiveness of the topic of Open Innovation and its potential for concrete areas of application. In the coming years it will become more and more common for companies to integrate Open Innovation approaches into their innovation strategies.