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  • Connecting to Lead Users & Lead Experts: Expertise Search


Mobility of the future: What will it look like?


Elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks transport billions of people every day. The business division Escalators and Moving Walks of Schindler, a Swiss company which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elevators, escalators and other mobility solutions, asked how it could bring the best knowledge available worldwide for a large-scale innovation project into the company. Which external experts should be included in a global “dream team” with which Schindler could take a major leap forward into the future of mobility solutions?

Solutions by winnovation

  • winnovation worked with the company to identify various search fields which define the challenges of a new product generation in the form of specific problems.
  • On that basis, winnovation carried out a tailored international Expertise Search which generated outstanding results: We were able to connect our client with highly qualified lead experts and lead users from various organizations and countries who were in a position to develop solutions to the defined problems and were interested in working together with Schindler.


The “dream team” which ultimately worked with Schindler’s Escalator division included members from far beyond the boundaries of mobility solutions: Within a short time, these lead experts and lead users provided knowledge and insights from other, often highly advanced areas of application (analogous market effects) and thus made substantial contributions to a major leap in innovation and the implementation of the project.