Tiroler Landesmuseen Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.


  • Developing New Solutions: Lead Users & Lead Experts Search, Innovation Workshops


Museology: How can an organisation successfully manage its strategic realignment?


The Tyrolean State Museums were incorporated into a new company in 2007, within which each of the five associated museums should find its place. However, for two of the museums, Zeughaus and Ferdinandeum, it was unclear how they should position themselves for the future. Massive social upheavals and new technologies are changing the expectations of the users of museums in a fundamental way. So how should museums be positioned in order to be prepared for the future?

Solutions by winnovation

  • winnovation supported the management of the Tyrolean State Museums in their strategic reorientation, particularly in developing completely new and internally accepted visions and profiles for both museums.
  • As a first step, we developed a comprehensive overview of the current situation and their structural and organizational complexity. Moreover, during the first workshop, the leaders of both museums became aware of the challenges and were actively involved in the repositioning process.
  • In parallel, winnovation led an international Expertise Search to identify Lead Users and Lead Experts for the strategic orientation of museums. This included searches within related fields (Analogous Markets). The goal was to create new, sustainable ideas and bring valuable input from the outside to aid the repositioning process.


As part of a multi-day workshop with Lead Users and Lead Experts from various parts of Europe, together with leaders of the Tyrolean State Museums, a profile for each of the two houses was developed under the guidance of winnovation. The profiles sum up the things that each of the two houses want to be known worldwide for in the future. The successful mix of participants boosted the discussions and enabled the creation of really new ideas and concepts.

In addition, the expertise and extensive experience of the Lead Users and Lead Experts was used on site to create the first action plan for practical implementation of the new strategic direction for the museums.