International machine manufactory company


  • Innovation Roadmapping: Areas For Innovation Analyse

Machine manufacturing: What solutions will be successful tomorrow?


Competition from Asia has had an impact on many European machine manufacturers. Our client, a machine producer operating in the B2B field, aimed to escape the downward spiral of prices by engaging in targeted innovation activities. The client’s first open innovation pilot projects had already brought about promising results.

But how could the company differentiate itself more clearly from its competitors on a lasting basis? In what areas did the company have the potential to do so? What specific issues should its innovation projects focus on – especially those in which major innovation steps are desired? Classic market research and customer surveys had not provided the company with satisfactory answers to these questions.

Solution by winnovation

Using an Areas For Innovation Analysis (AFI), which was developed specifically for questions of this kind, winnovation specifically examined the potential areas of differentiation which would be relevant on the company’s market in the ensuing five years.

In the process, winnovation not only analyzed relevant needs along the entire value chain in the machine manufacturing sector, but also integrated other industries where developments were very likely to impact the target market (analogous market effects).


After intensive data collection and analysis, winnovation was able to present the client with 19 concrete and detailed fields of innovation which would be relevant in the future, some of which came as a great surprise to the company. The machine manufacturer selected the highest-priority fields of innovation and used them as a guide for its innovation strategy and for actual innovation projects in which new products and services were developed.