Austrian hospital owner


Roadmapping Innovation, Lead User Method

Health care and future health system:

How will the hospital of the future look like?


The digital transformation impacts all branches. Not even one of the most traditional industries – the health market – will be spared. But it is not a threat but a chance for the industry.

Being aware of the changes in the health market, our client Vinzenz Gruppe, one of the most innovative hospitals owners in Austria, wanted to know how the hospital of the future could look like. One of the key questions was about the key functionalities of a hospital in 2028, considering future digital possibilities and the future health ecosystem that might have changed tremendously.

Solution by winnovation

winnovation offered a tailor made Open Innovation foresight-project to the Vinzenz Gruppe. We invited a carefully selected group of international Lead Users and Lead Experts to a two days co-creation workshop in Lower Austria. Together with internal experts from Vinzenz Gruppe they designed the hospital of the future and its embedding in a health ecosystem of a digital world. One of our international guest, Roi Shternin, an innovative serial health entrepreneur from Israel, judged his experience on our workshop with “the most significant regarding ideation in health care” he has ever made. “I believe that the right people came together in order to find the right answers”, he said.


The sessions were very intense. Experts with heterogenous backgrounds illuminated the topic from different points of view and therefore fueled the discussions and highly enriched the outcome.

The client gets a comprehensive paper that gives a clear strategic orientation for the future. Some of the results:

  • In addition to budget constraints the shifted expectations from the patients will urge the hospital of the future to offer remote digital services besides the physical location. Those services will guide the patient from cradle to barre.
  • The user will be strongly supported by digital means on the whole user journey. The experience he /she makes will differ from today’s. Participatory health care is the key word of tomorrow’s system.
  • New professions will emerge to support patients and medical staff along the novel user journey.