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Global research and innovation network: How can clever minds collaborate in new ways?


An international non-profit foundation has set a goal to promote research and innovation in their core topics, but found that this is not possible to do on its own. This made them move towards a global network structure, which invites a variety of stakeholders around the core theme of interest to cooperate

Solutions by winnovationnovation

  • In a first step, winnovation led a global study on network design and characteristics of best-practice-networks, in order to generate important insights for the design of advanced, active and productive networks.
  • Subsequently, winnovation handed out a design proposal for a global research and innovation network, including aspects related to governance structures and mechanisms and funding models. Global qualitative studies carried out with potential network-stakeholders, alongside other results and findings, served as a basis for this purpose.


Whilst developing the new network design, potential members of the network reacted positively to the proposed approach and enjoyed very much being involved that early in the development process of the network.

Currently, winnovation is gradually implementing its design proposal and the development of the global research and innovation network is ongoing.