International Biotech-company


  • Innovation Roadmapping: Open Innovation Assessment (OIA)
  • Innovation Action Plan

Biotechnology: Is my company fit for open innovation?


In the past, an international company specializing in industrial biotechnology had invested heavily in building its own R&D capacities as well as an extensive portfolio of patents and partnerships with institutions of higher education worldwide.

At a certain point, however, it became clear to the management that the company’s strategy was no longer enough to retain its long-term competitive edge through innovation: How should the client implement a modern and permanent innovation strategy which relies more heavily on open innovation throughout the company? How should it adapt its internal organization in order to be ready for open innovation? What adjustments would be necessary for this purpose, and how should they be carried out?

Solution of winnovation

  • In order to find answers to these questions, winnovation carried out a comprehensive Open Innovation Assessment (OIA) in which it analyzed the biotech company’s current situation. In our role as neutral experts, we collected information on how the company currently innovates, including the way in which various units, processes, structures, resources and cultural elements are intertwined in the process. We also examined how that would affect the current and future use of in-house and external innovation knowledge (open innovation).
  • On that basis, we developed an action plan specifically for the client: a package of clearly defined measures at the strategic and operational level with which the company could enhance its open innovation capabilities.


After the Open Innovation Assessment (OIA) exercise, the management recognized that it was necessary to view the company’s situation in a more differentiated manner: On the one hand, the company was very open to cooperation with external as well as in-house innovation partners in different units around the world. On the other hand, this cooperation was still partly hindered by barriers found in processes and strategies, in the allocation of resources and in the development of open innovation skills.

By implementing the measures proposed in the action plan, the company was able to dismantle those barriers in a targeted manner, replacing them with favorable conditions and concrete viewpoints which not only established open innovation more firmly in the company but also improved the company’s overall innovation performance.