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Banking: What are SMEs’ unmet financial needs?


More and more SMEs are located in the so-called credit crunch. At the same time, banks are experiencing a decline in the number of loan applications. This dilemma caused an organization from the financial sector to ask themselves, “what are the current unmet needs of SMEs in terms of financing, and what would these needs be in the future”.

Solutions by winnovation

  • As a first step, winnovation developed a theoretical study sample to recognize the diversity that prevails among SMEs (e.g. in terms of age, size, financing needs, etc.).
  • The theoretical sample served as a basis for a comprehensive qualitative survey among SME representatives by using Areas For Innovation analysis (AFI). The purpose was to identify unmet needs and what SMEs really need in terms of financing and liquidity.
  • The data generated, as well as relevant secondary data, were then thoroughly analysed by the winnovation team.


During the presentation of results, the customer received a comprehensive document, which gave him insights into unmet needs in relation to financing for SMEs. These strategic and relevant data serve him now as a basis for the orientation and development of their product portfolio.