Huge congratulations to Marion Poetz for her Harvard Business Review Article Success


We are very proud to announce that Marion Poetz, chair of the winnovation Academic Advisory Board and Associate Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, was invited by the Harvard Business Review to publish two papers in collaboration with other experts in the field of Open Innovation. The Harvard Business Review is a top tier, specialized publication specifically designed for top managers within industry.

The articles can be viewed at the following links:

“Sometimes the Best Ideas Come from Outside Your Industry” (November 21st Edition of HBR)

“Find the Right Expert for Any Problem” (December 16th Edition of HBR)

As Marion and her co-authors contend, “the more distant the field, the more novel the solutions” highlighting the benefits of consulting analogous markets and pyramiding those contacts in order to find the most creative and novel solutions for a given problem. Therefore, by utilizing these distant search methods, all industry sectors and public entities have the opportunity to solve problems and break new ground through benefiting from the principles of Open Innovation.

If the above articles have aroused your curiosity, why not get in touch with us to discuss how we can not only help you make connections globally with experts working within the domain of your identified problem, but how your innovation potential can be further increased through employing such methods. We look forward to hearing from you at .