Hot off the press: Our LEGO Foundation report on next generation network model design


We are delighted to announce that our recent study to explore the key characteristics of successfully operating research and innovation networks has been published on the LEGO Foundation Website.

“Next Generation Research & Innovation Networks: to inspire a network on learning through play” can be found here: A summary can be found here

Our client, The LEGO Foundation, recognised that a need currently exists to create a new global research and innovation network in order to transform attitudes and behaviours related to learning, play and creativity.

As a result, the team here at winnovation have been busy gathering and analysing existing best practices of various international network models. After extensive research, numerous network members, network managers and experts were targeted globally, in order to gain the latest innovations in network design.

The study highlights various elements that must be given careful consideration, especially within the governance and membership structures of networks. In addition, a number of key activities and processes came to light, which are pivotal for the overall functionality of a successful network.

The final case report aims to inspire new thinking on how to support a diverse community of engaged actors who have a shared passion in order to push the boundaries of what currently exists in network model design.

Importantly, the report is intended to have broad applicability, and thus the principles identified have relevance in a wide range of network contexts.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the report, so please leave a comment below.

Check back soon for winnovation’s forthcoming instalment on next generation network model design.