Recently, I experienced a sense of achievement that needs to be shared: Currently, we work on a Lead User and Lead Experts project for a global client who wants to radically innovate his production process. For this, our client needs some bright minds that think progressively and have mastered similar challenges in production processes.
These experts, which we are looking for, cannot be found in any databases or social networks: our task is too specific for that kind of superficial search. That’s why we’re applying a „Pyramiding Method“ (see image above) that had proven useful in the past.
My research, based on the initial pyramiding-contacts, led me to a company in a different sector (Analogous Market Effects, see image „Pyramiding“ step 3) that looked promising. I knew that this company could be regarded „cutting-edge“ in our search field.
Unfortunately, there were several gatekeepers in this company that didn’t grant me access to that one person that had developed the solution. Numerous phone calls and emails were necessary in order to convince the gatekeepers that cooperation was mutually beneficial.
Today, I managed! I already had a conversation with our potential Lead User. It seems that his solution could be promising for our client and also our Lead User is convinced that it can be transferred to other sectors. Contrary to the gatekeeper, the Lead User we identified is excited about cooperating with our client and eager to gain new contacts in other sectors.
As with so many things in life, persistence paid off…