European Forum Alpbach 2016 – Energy revolution: empowering consumers

AUTHOR: Magdalena Theurl

Centrally organised, fossil energy sources will soon be history. In the future, regionally produced energy, sharply declining electricity prices and the deployment of artificial intelligence and big-data technologies will foster decentralised and renewable models of energy production and consumption.

The energy market of tomorrow is not as simply organised as it is today. Conventional markets change into complex services markets, which are characterised by innovative start-ups along the entire value chain: services, processes and business models, ranging from energy generation to conversion, storage, distribution and consumption.

This revolution within the energy markets will lead to a drastic change of current positions along the value chain. In particular, the role of consumers will change and become increasingly important. Consumers, their needs and value positions are innovation sources that have been undervalued so far: they often have concrete and visionary wishes. Organisations (companies, governments, NGOs) are well-advised to strategically integrate the needs of the consumers, as user innovations increase innovation success and the market acceptance of new products on the energy market.

During the Technology Symposium 2016 in Alpbach, the topic of Revolutions in the Energy Market and the Increasing Power of Consumers will be discussed on Friday 26th August 2016. Together with other experts, Gertraud Leimüller, founder and CEO of winnovation, will take part in a panel discussion about this topic. The link to the more detailed program can be found here.