Digital Health: Where Does Healthcare Go?

A steadily growing potential of technological possibilities and digitization in all areas of life is also changing the healthcare system. We know that we are just at the beginning of a path where technology, automation and the use of artificial intelligence will bring far-reaching changes in healthcare. But which forks will we take on this way? Which technologies will we include into our healthcare system and which do we exclude? What will be the consequence for patients and employees – in other words, for society -of using such technologies in the healthcare sector?

winnovation supported the cooperation of the Vinzenz Gruppe, the elisabethinen linz wien  and the Academia Superior to answer these questions in the context of two intensive Open Innovation workshops for the province of Upper Austria. With its deep knowledge on digital transformation in the health sector and across industries, winnovation was happy to moderate the group discussions of a heterogenous group of proven experts and future thinkers. Participants from the fields of health, technology, ethics, law, and politics as well as innovative health technology-entrepreneurs gathered to describe the digitized healthcare of the future. Focus of the first workshop was the question: “Which technologies will generally be possible in ten years?”. Based on this, the second workshop considered the impact that the use of these potentially possible technologies would have on patients, employees and the society as a whole.

The feedback from participants was unanimously very positive. They highly appreciated the unique setting they have been invited to. “I am used to such discussions – but always in a setting of homogenous expertise. Therefore, the exchange in this group of different expertise across disciplines was really an experience”, as one of the participants concluded.

The result of the intesive discussions are ten theses on the future of digitized healthcare in Upper Austria. These theses were presented during a closing event and discussed in a panel discussion by LH-Stv. Christine Haberlander (Academia Superior), Michael Heinisch (Vinzenz Group), Eva-Maria Kirchberger (Imperial College) and Raimund Kaplinger (the elisabethinen linz-wien).

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