New study of German Stifterverband “The Potential of Strategic Openness” co-authored by Gertraud Leimüller

winnovation has just finalised a study in collaboration with the Humboldt-Institute for Internet and Society and the German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies, called „The Potential of Strategic Opening“ ( on behalf of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. For the first time, the two discourses Open Innovation and Open Science are being thought about together and a novel model for strategic and targeted openness in the science and innovation system has been developed. Gertraud Leimüller and the co-authors assume that the three dimensions 1) inclusiveness and collaboration, 2) accessibility and subsequent use, and 3) transparency and revisal subsume different categories of openness and have different potentials for action. Openness is therefore not an end in itself but is pursued with an intention for certain effects. At the organisational level, strategic openness means that research institutions and companies purposefully select and implement forms of openness in order to achieve specific goals for the organisation. Using the example of Germany, the study shows how the potential of strategic openness can be used to strengthen the innovation and science system and provides concrete recommendations for action.