Horizon Europe: Mission Area Cancer Supported by Crowdsourcing

It has already been in 2014 when winnovation proudly supported the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, an Austrian non-university research organization, in innovating their research processes by crowdsourcing new research questions in the field of mental illnesses (“Have your say”! https://redensiemit.org). That was the beginning of one of the world’s first initiatives in using Open Innovation methods and principles in science.

It is with great interest that we follow subsequent and exiting initiatives in this area. Thus, we would like to draw your attention to the following projects:

  • Recently, the European Commission has identified cancer as one of the great burdens for the European society, which is emphasized in its own Horizon Europe mission area. In order to help define the mission area, the European Commission uses, among other sources, a national crowdsourcing challenge in Finland. It asks the question: “How can we make cancer research, treatment and life with cancer better?”. Both affected people and organizations are invited to participate in the campaign that even awards a winner with prize money. It was launched beginning of Feb. 2020 and it has similarities with the Austrian “Have your say!” project some years ago. https://cancerchallenge.eu
  • In Germany, a big project for crowdsourcing research questions is under way, too. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research wants to broaden communication about science even more (science communication), strengthen the direct exchange between research and society (participation approach) and create a pool of ideas for science and science policy (crowd sourcing). A first call was opened recently, and another bigger initiative was announced for 2021. https://www.bmbf.de/foerderungen/bekanntmachung-2767.html