Presenting Corona Innovations

The COVID-19 pandemic caught us all cold. We could never have imagined a crisis of this magnitude. We know that it hits many people hard. But we also know that the crisis can often result in something completely new. That is why winnovation launched the Internet platform As a team, we had the idea to show that the corona crisis is not just a standstill. It also has a special power for change and innovation.

On you can register innovations that arose in- or due to the Corona crisis. The innovations can come from you, or they can be innovations you have heard of. That encourages and motivates others to implement their ideas.

In addition to the contributions that are entered manually, the technology of the start-up is used to put content on the platform that is found in fully automated online text analysis (artificial intelligence – machines read articles and understand the content). In that way, we can provide a large number of examples of innovations from all ober the world in a short time.