Austrian Innovation Policy – Redesign and Development of Austria’s Innovation Roadmap

AUTHOR: Anne Swanson

winnovation is  currently in the process of developing a new Open Innovation Policy Strategy for the purpose of improving and strengthening the Austrian Innovation System, and ensuring its sustainability over time.  This process has been initiated by our client, Julius-Raab-Stiftung, as a result of their realisation of the pressing need to elevate the performance of the Austrian Innovation Strategy to in turn increase output and economic growth within the country. State Secretary Mahrer is also highly interested in the outcome of this process and has personally participated in this collaborative activity.

As part of the process, a number of interactive workshops have been organised with a variety of key stakeholder groups in order to gain concrete insights into the current situation regarding innovation and economic activity within Austria.

Utilising a bottom-up approach, the aim is to identify the main problem areas of individual actors within the realm of innovation, particularly Open Innovation, and develop concrete measures to solve these problems.

To date, two very successful workshops have been held in Vienna with stakeholders representing public and private entities in the wider economy, civil society and social entrepreneurs. Participants took part in various group activities to discuss:

  1. What hurdles participants face when searching for innovation partners
  2. What role organisational culture plays concerning perceptions towards Open Innovation
  3. What frameworks and incentive systems are needed to stimulate more innovation

Group outcomes were further discussed in plenary sessions.

Overall, participants have been very positive and excited about their inclusion in such a dynamic, bottom-up process, and believe there has been great value in collaborating with other stakeholders in the field, given the opportunities created for such an open exchange of ideas and solutions. A third workshop is scheduled to take place shortly involving key players from the science and research community.

In the header slideshow you can see some pictures from the group work sessions that took place at the first two workshops.

We really enjoyed the collaboration and knowledge exchange that took place during these sessions, and feel crucial insights have been gained to aid the development of Austria’s Innovation System.

Further updates on this process will follow in due course. In the meantime, should you have any questions or input for the process, please get in touch with us at the following email address .