Julius Raab Stiftung: An Open Innovation Strategy for Austria


We are proud to announce that winnovation, in collaboration with our client, Julius-Raab-Stiftung, have jointly developed a new Open Innovation Policy Strategy for Austria, which pinpoints key strategic areas that have the potential to improve and strengthen the Austrian Innovation System. You can read the strategy here: http://www.juliusraabstiftung.at/unsere-ideen/open-innovation/128,eine-open-innovation-strategie-fuer-oesterreich.html (in German)

Despite several leading countries around the world developing some project and policy initiatives in the field of Open Innovation, Austria is one of the first countries to propose a strategy specifically targeting Open Innovation for the enhancement of its National Innovation System.

Embracing Open Innovation principles, this strategy was developed bottom-up, through a series of collaborative workshops with in excess of 70 experts representing public and private entities in the wider economy, the science and research community, civil society, and social entrepreneurs of Austria. In addition, international experts in the fields of business, open innovation and national innovation system policies also shared ideas and insights from their own country contexts. Input from all participants was condensed into a number of concrete measures that are deemed to have the potential for practical implementation.

State Secretary Mr Mahrer presented the Open Innovation Strategy for Austria during a special Open Innovation Lunch that took place at the Volksgarten Pavillon on 1st of June in Vienna. State Secretary Mahrer foresees a clear need to strengthen the Austrian Innovation System in order to ensure its viability and maintain and extend its competitiveness on the global stage for years to come, and anticipates this new Open Innovation Strategy as a strategic path towards this goal. Three Open Innovation initiatives were showcased at the event:

This process epitomizes the core values of winnovation, through its open, inclusive, collaborative and forward looking character. This project has highlighted the enormous potential for Open Innovation at national strategic level, and we hope more nations will feel inspired to explore how Open Innovation can meld with their own unique systems to create positive economic change.

Please get in touch with us to discuss the potential for Open Innovation in your context office@winnovation.at We look forward to hearing from you.