The collaboration with our Academic Advisory Board is crucial to the success of our firm. It allows us to both continuously integrate front-end insights from innovation research into our work, and jointly develop new approaches together with researchers from leading European universities and business schools.

All winovation Academic Advisory Board members are top experts in the field of Open Innovation. They research it from very different angles and thus contribute to our broad competence in open innovation.

Dr. Marion Poetz – Denmark
Associate Professor of Innovation Management
Copenhagen Business School
Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics
Dr. Stefan Haefliger – UK / Switzerland
Professor in Strategic Management and Innovation
Cass Business School, Faculty of Management
Faculty member (PD) at ETH Zurich
Department of Management, Technology, and Economics
Karin Beukel, PhD – Denmark
Expert in IPR Strategy, IPR Management and Innovation
Assistant Professor
Copenhagen University
Department of Food and Resource Economics