ÖAMTC Future Challenge – The crowd creates the future of mobility


The mobility sector is undergoing radical change: new technologies, digitalisation, globalisation, as well as the desire for more sustainability and protection of the environment, all of which trigger a paradigm shift in the mobility sector. Examples such as the concept of car-sharing (which sometimes reduces the ownership of cars), electric cars and self-driving cars show that the world we live in is in a state of continual change.

Those having ideas on the future of mobility are invited by ÖAMTC to actively engage.

How can ÖAMTC better support people in their mobility in the future?

In its anniversary year, 2016, ÖAMTC (Austrian Automotive-, Motorbike- and Touring club) not only celebrates its 120-year existence, but also starts a crowdsourcing-process – the ÖAMTC Future Challenge (https://futurechallenge.oeamtc.at/). ÖAMTC looks for ideas on the future of mobility. Ideas can include future offers, products and services, but also the organisation of mobility, travel security, as well as digitalisation and interconnectedness.

The crowdsourcing-process started on April 5th and will end on May 23rd 2016. In the first week, 165 ideas were already submitted by 907 registered participants, which shows the great interest of people in the topic of mobility.

The winners of the ÖAMTC Future Challenge will be rewarded with attractive prizes: the best ideas will be awarded with travel vouchers worth € 6.000 and an invitation to an innovation congress in Vienna (incl. journey and hotel).

Together with ÖAMTC, we are pleased to see the great interest in the challenge and are keen to hear about the innovative ideas for the future of mobility.