1. Creative-Industries-Strategy for Austria – More innovation due to creative minds

AUTHOR: Magdalena Theurl

In the spring of 2016, The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) initiated the first Creative-Industries-Strategy for Austria in cooperation with the Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT), the Austrian Economic Chamber and the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws). winnovation accompanied the co-creation-process for the Creative-Industries-Strategy, which lasted several months. More than 100 creative minds from all over Austria were involved in the process during a stakeholder workshop and provided valuable input that shaped the direction of the process.

On the 15th of June 2016, the Creative-Industries-Strategy was presented in Vienna by State Secretary, Harald Mahrer, and WKO Vice President, Marth Schultz. “The competition from tomorrow will be decided in the field of creativity. Today, already 50% of the creative industries organisations are responsible for innovations in other areas. The Creative-Industries-Strategy targets to improve the pioneer role of the creative industries and transfer the positive growth spirit to other industries” says Harald Mahrer, State Secretary of the BMWFW. For companies of the creative industries it is natural to permanently reinvent themselves: They respond creatively and dynamically to economically and socially changing framework conditions.

The innovative power of creative minds does not only benefit the creative industries: The use of creative achievements triggers crossover-effects and opens new growth possibilities for clients in other sectors (e.g. crafts and trades, commerce, tourism) and improves their competitive capabilities, regarding, for instance, the digitalisation of services and market presence, design or marketing. The transformative power of creative companies crosses the borders of the corporate sector: 20% of the demand for creative services is directly or indirectly induced from the public sector.

Austria has recognised the high potential in innovation and transformation power of the creative industries and its crucial influence on the overall economy, and wants to strengthen this function of the creative industries through the Creative-Industries-Strategy.

The Creative-Industries-Strategy consists of three pillars that are linked:

  • Empowerment: Creative minds should be supported in their entrepreneurial competences in order to strengthen their competitiveness and internationalisation capabilities.
  • Transformation: The exploitation of the transformative impact of the creative industries on other sectors, the public administration and society should be reached through increased incentives from crossover-effects, as well as increased awareness of the transformation potential of the creative industries.
  • Innovation: The increased access to innovation rooms, knowledge- and networking formats, as well as access to finance and capital, should foster innovation based within creative industries and, as a result, strengthen Austrian innovation.

These three pillars include eight fields of action and 22 measures. A short version of the policy paper in English can be downloaded here. The long version in German can be found here


                                                        Photos © Michele Pauty and Katharina Gossow